Can You Deny Access Because the Other Parent is Not Paying Child Support?

Can You Deny Access Because the Other Parent is Not Paying Child Support Ilfracombe?

When a court case is made to decide upon the child contact arrangements Ilfracombe, there are several factors being taken into consideration before an order is made. Also, in case the parent is not paying for the child support, this is not going to have any impact on the order.

Also, the court is not in favour of any kind of access being denied to the child, except when there is any risk to the safety of the child. You must keep in mind that child access and support are entirely different issues.

To make a parent pay for child support, you have to take different measures in the court. You can go for negotiation of a separation agreement which has provisions for such a payment. As you decide on a separation agreement, you can use mediation services in Ilfracombe of a reliable agency for this purpose.

A good mediator Ilfracombe can ensure that there is an affair agreement being made for this purpose. After the separation agreement gets finalized, you need to file it in a court for enforcement. Also, you can file for a court order which makes it compulsory to pay for the child support.

Also, in case of any violation of the court order or the enforce agreement, legal action Ilfracombe  can be initiated on the violating party. Also, instead of approaching a court for such an order, you can approach a good mediation agency for this purpose. In comparison to a court proceeding, a mediation process is less time taking and also requires fewer efforts.

With a good mediator, you can easily negotiate on the arrangement plan and reach a justifiable arrangement for the same.

Also, these mediation agencies have family solicitors Ilfracombe and experienced mediators to ensure that the arrangement plan meets the welfare of the child as well as the participating parties. Also, in cases where the parent is still not paying the required amount of child support as per the order, there is an option to contact a mediator.

Instead of being stressed out in the process of court proceedings, it is wise to consult a mediation agency which has the team of qualified and experienced mediators for this purpose.

Also, before you file a court application to get an order, you need to be aware of the probability of the court decisions.

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